Alarm Clock in your PC

Dear Friends,

I have come across a software of Alarm clock call "Be Punctual" in your PC which remind me my programs after I have set to alarm.

"Be Punctual" is a simple tool which includes Alarm Clock,Reminder and Human voice time teller(Both male and female). With alarm clock you can set alarm for different days of the week , With reminder you can set reminders for entire year and never forget anything and with human voice time teller you can listen to the current time in natural human voice.You can also set alarm tone as any of your favorite mp3 or wav files.

Its for free download of 2.39mb and all you need to do is click here (Be Punctual) and look for "click here" after that you can save it in your Computer. Hope you will enjoy.
No hurry No worry Be punctual always...

The time is at 1:30pm everyday

After couple of discussions, we have kept the time as it was decided as at 1:30pm everyday. The following are the different positive responses from different genuine people who were in the meeting and response from other places.

Dr. Samuel Mathai (SSM):
Let us stick with the time all of us decided together, which was 1.30PM.

Rev. Dr. Mathew Varghese (GNCC):
Most of them agree that we continue with the 1.30 PM time as it is convenient for office goers, school children and others. 1.30 is lunch time and convenient than 1 PM. So let us stick with the our decision of 1.30 in the after noon. If for some people 1 Pm or any other time is convenient they are certainly free to pray such time. After all it is only prayer and that is to call the name of the Lord. Nothing lease come in between. Let us seek the Lord for His work in our nation.

Fr. Anand Muttungal (PRO):
It is a very good effort, I will be part of your prayer.

Rev. Raju Roshan (Ranchi):
Great! thanks, I will do and will encourage other also.

Rev. Debendra Singh (Jeypore):
Bro, thank you so much for sending all the information about the current news of what you recieve.

Premchand Singh (Bhopal):
Every Indian Christians must spend at least a minute of prayer in a day.

Rev.Sam Abraham (Himachal Pradesh)
Dear Prayer Partners,Let us hold our hands and hearts together in Prayers.

Here is a song dedicated to Taliban's act of unhuman toward Korean Hostages.Please pray for those brothers and sisters who are still in bound....

A Mail from Pastor Shaiju John


Dear Partners in Christ,
Greetings from Bhopal in the very precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Last week we had a wonderful time with Rev. Dr. Timothy Tennent in Good News Bhawan, Bhopal. It was a Conference on ‘Crucial Issues in Mission’ Dr. Timothy shared briefly about the Christian movements happening all over the world. The One Minute Prayer Movement and its result in S. Korea touched my heart. As I was sitting and listening the Lord spoke to my heart to do the same in India, (1 pm One minute Pray for a revival in India) yes, I started to dream the Spirit of the Lord hovering over India, Shaking India with the love of Christ, Coming up great Churches in India having 10 lakhs members which is the double of world’s largest Church in S. Korea.
At the end of the meeting when Rev. Dr. Mathews Varghese invited suggestions and views of delegates I was strongly moved by the Spirit of the Lord to present what the Lord put in my heart. Praise the Lord for all the delegates who were mostly Christian Leaders and Pastors were challenged, become a part of my vision and took a decision to Pray for our India that is EVERY DAY AT I PM ONE MINUTE FOR PRAYER. (The time was decided at 1. 30 pm but we have changed the time as ‘1 pm one minute’ which is convenient for all).
Let us light this Candle share this vision to God’s children and motivate them to be part of 1 pm One Minute Prayer movement in India. Hundreds Thousands and Lakhs of God’s children soon will start Praying 1 pm One Minute for India and the strong holds of the enemies will be broken WE SHALL PRESENT INDIA TO THE HEAVENLY FATHER.
Dear friends, while writing this letter I have shared this vision to more than 25,000 of ‘Prayer Care’ ministry partners in India by means E- Mail, Telephones and our Prayer Care bulletin. Please make sure you don’t miss anyone.
It will happen in our life time and we will see with our own eyes INDIA FOR JESUS.
Your brother in Christ,
Shaiju John.
Prayer Care

One minute prayer begins

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings from Bhopal,

My time at Good News Centre and Church yesterday (02/08/2007) where "Global Perspective of Christian Missions" program was organized by Rev. Dr. Mathew Varghese in which Dr. Timothy Tennent was main speaker. As Dr. Timothy glances through the Christian movements around the world he mentioned the "Prayer Burst" movement of South Korea. That was one of the points that click to the mind of the delegates of the meeting who were mostly pastors and Christian leaders of Bhopal city. In the end of the program we took decision of spending at least one minute's prayer in a day at 1:30pm everyday to pray for our Nation and we did it as starting point.

Therefore, it is a humble request from the central part of the country that why not we ourselves take initiative of implementing the same to yourself and pass on the message (Seed) that has started in the middle of the country to north, south, east and west of our nation. Please give at least one minute to prayer for our nation toady at 01:30pm.

It is my personal encourage to you about what God has inspired me to do so.


Premchand Singh